Thornton Snoring Scale

Snoring has a significant effect on the quality of life for many people. Snoring can affect the person snoring and those around him/her, both physically and emotionally. Use the following scale to choose the most appropriate number for each situation. (Skip to question #4 if you do not have a bed partner.)


0 = Never
1 = Infrequently (1 night per week)
2 = Frequently (2-3 nights per week)
3 = Most of the time (4 or more nights per week)

  1. __ My snoring affects my relationship with my partner
  2. __ My snoring causes my partner to be irritable or tired
  3. __ My snoring requires us to sleep in separate rooms
  4. __ My snoring is loud
  5. __ My snoring affects people when I am sleeping away from home (i.e. hotel, camping, etc.)

Understanding Your Score

A score of 5 or greater indicates your snoring may be significantly affecting your quality of life.

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