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Our office is dedicated to keeping you informed. We want you to know about our policies and methods of practice. The more you know about us, the better we can serve you.


Patients are seen by appointment only, so please call in advance and reserve a time for yourself. We make every effort to be on time and ask that you extend the same courtesy to us. If you find you cannot keep your appointment, Please notify us immediately. This courtesy allows us to give your appointment to another patient who desires to see the doctor.


We realize that you can not plan ahead for toothaches. If you need emergency services, please call the office as early in the day as possible. We will make every effort to respond to your concerns quickly.


On your first visit, we will ask you to share your Dental and Medical history with us. You will receive a complete and thorough examination of your mouth tissues, bone, teeth, jaw joint, and muscles. X-rays of your teeth and oral cavity will also be taken. If necessary, impressions of your teeth will be taken for diagnostic casts. Where appropriate, a cleaning (prophy) will also be completed at this time.

Using the results of the examination, we will make a diagnosis and treatment plan. This information, along with an estimate of professional fees and insurance benefits, if applicable, will be given to you on an itemized estimate sheet. This information may need to be given to you at a second consultation appointment where the treatment will be discussed.


We recommend that children who are under 3 years of age come in and visit with us when parents or brother and sisters have appointments. This allows them to adjust to the office environment without pressure. Many people carry fears of dentists all their lives because of their first experiences as children. Our goal is to create a comfortable first impression and eliminate that fear in the newest generation. Children vary in their readiness to accept treatment, but we try to start examinations at the age of 3 and cleanings by the age of 4, at the latest.


We believe that regular preventive care is the best way to maintain your dental health and keep a healthy and attractive smile. Regular check-ups and cleanings catch small problems before they become big ones, help extend the life of your fillings, and help keep you informed of the state of your oral health.

When treatment is completed, we will recommend when you should return for your next cleaning and exam. A recall appointment is scheduled at this time. A reminder card is sent prior to your scheduled recall visit.

Remember: Preventive dentistry is the lowest cost, most convenient way to retain your smile!

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