Care Of The Mouth After Extractionoral Surgery

  • Bite on gauze for 1/2 to 1 hour to stop the bleeding. If bleeding persists, bite on another gauze (or tea bag) for another 1/2 hour until the bleeding stops. Repeat if necessary. Expect some oozing for 24 hours. If swelling occurs, place an ice bag (or chopped ice in a towel) on the swelling site.Alternate applying the ice for 10 minutes and leaving the ice off for 10minutes - for about 3-4 hours.
  • For the first 24 hours, DO NOT smoke or drink through a straw. DO NOTdrink alcohol, pop or hot liquids. DO NOT blow your nose or spit excessively. All these things can cause the blood clot over the surgical site to be lost and pain may occur.
  • DO maintain a soft diet for the remainder of the day (warm soup, ice cream, milkshakes, carnation instant breakfast, etc ... ). Drink plenty of liquids for the first 24 hours to dilute any swallowed blood which can cause nausea.Taking any medication on an empty stomach can also cause nausea.Tomorrow morning start rinsing gently with warm salt water rinses every 4hours for 2 days. (1/4 teaspoon of salt to 1 cup of water).
  • If you were given a prescription for antibiotics, you must take them as directed and until they are all gone so that the infection won't take over, even if the area feels fine. Remember, when you don't finish prescriptionfor antibiotics, you risk the chance of reinfection. Remember to take your chosen over-the-counter pain medication, as discussed. You may have been given a prescription for a stronger pain medication. If there is still a slight bit of discomfort after using the over-the-counter medication, have the prescription filled and use it as needed and as directed.
  • Dry Sockets are caused when the sockets from which the teeth were pulled become dry and extremely painful. Almost all dry sockets occur among smokers because when you suck on a cigarette, it sucks the blood clot(scab) out of the socket which stops the healing process, leaving the sockets dry and painful. Another common cause of dry sockets is lack of nutrition - you just don't feel like eating after you have had your teeth removed. Nutrition is extremely important to your healing and that is why we recommend you eat and drink a lot after your surgery.
  • If any problems or questions do arise, always feel free to call the office or to call me at home

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